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Alarm & CCTV Systems


Looking for a cost-effective way to secure your home or office? Adding a smart alarm system from Nerd2U can allow you to do more than just protect you from theft. With our state of the art alarm systems, you can monitor everything from door locks to smoke and CO2 detectors, allowing you to protect your property and loved ones from every angle. 

Getting started is easy, either start with one of our tailored packages or sit down with one of our Nerds and build the package that's exactly right for you. 

Alarm System Packages


Our Alarm System Packages are a great way to add a state of the art alarm system to your home or business. Based on the 2GIG GC3 Panel you can add an endless number of sensors, window/door contacts, smoke & CO2 detectors and much more. This system is designed to grow with you, not limit you.

Our packages consist of a mixture of motion sensors, contacts, remotes, and a control panel, you can grow your system at any time by adding the devices you desire.

With built-in Z-Wave support, you can add a number of non-traditional items to your alarm system, including leak sensors, temperature sensors, cameras, and more.

With professional monitoring through you always know exactly what is happening even when your not home. The built-in cellular communicator eliminates the need for expensive analog phone lines or complicated internet setups.

Contacts & Sensors


Contacts and Sensors provide your basic alarm monitoring capabilities. Window & Door contacts allow you to easily monitor entry and exit through doors and monitor windows for unauthorized entry.

Sensors such as motion sensors with pet immunity help to reduce the number of false alarms and are a must-have for any home with pets. Glass break sensors allow you to easily monitor large glass areas such as patio doors.

All of our sensors and contacts communicate with the main panel wirelessly and are battery operated. This greatly reduces installation cost and allows us to place sensors virtually anywhere within your home or business.

Smart Home Sensors & Add-ons


Go beyond your traditional alarm system. The 2GIG GC3 panel with integrated Z-Wave technology brings your smart home and alarm system together as one.

Mix traditional alarm components such as motion sensors and contacts with smart home add-ons such as thermostats, door locks, cameras and more.

Your panel acts as a Z-Wave hub for all your smart home devices. Monitor and interact with any Z-Wave enabled device through your panel or your monitoring subscription.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

At Nerd2U we offer a wide range of CCTV Surveillance System options, installing 3 main system types, Smart CCTV Cameras such as Nest Cameras, HD Analog Systems, and IP CCTV Systems. We have a system to fit every price range and requirement. Our team can help select and design the perfect CCTV System for your needs. 

Smart CCTV Cameras


Unlike traditional CCTV Surveillance Systems, Smart CCTV Cameras often utilize the power of the cloud to record and review recorded footage. This removes the need for an on-site recording device such as an NVR and allows recorded footage to be easily accessed from anywhere in the world.

Smart CCTV Cameras such as the Nest line of Surveillance Cameras offers easy setup and installation and reduce the need for cabling installation by utilizing existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to record to the cloud.

With both indoor and outdoor models available Smart CCTV Cameras are perfect for keeping an eye over property such as vehicles, entry and exit ways, interior rooms and more.

HD Analog & IP CCTV Surveillance Systems


HD Analog & IP CCTV Systems are perfect for larger deployments where multiple cameras are required and on-site storage and review are required.

HD Analog Systems provide the perfect upgrade path from traditional analog CCTV Systems. HD Analog can provide crystal clear image resolution and recording while allowing for the reuse of existing CCTV Infrastructure and wiring, reducing the overall installation cost.

IP CCTV Systems are the go-to for new installations, with megapixel resolutions, and advanced features such as facial recognition IP CCTV Surveillance Systems bring high-quality images and cutting-edge recording features to your CCTV Installation.