Low Voltage Cabling Installation


Whether voice, video, or data, low voltage cabling forms the backbone of residential homes and businesses around the world. Ensuring your low voltage cabling is installed to industry standards can make the difference between a reliable installation or downtime and headaches.  At Nerd2U we professionally install a wide range of low voltage cabling including CAT5/6, cabling for voice and data networks, coax for cable internet and digital cable, speaker cabling, and more. 

Low Voltage Pre Wire


Whether you are building a new home, looking to finish your basement or are moving into a new office space, our low voltage prewire service can ensure you have all the connections you need exactly where you need them.

Installing low voltage drops such as telephone, network, coax cabling, HDMI ports, speaker wiring is more is the perfect way to make sure you are ready to utilize your new space. Completing this crucial step prior to the installation of drywall can save both time and money and eliminate the headaches of attempting to add in wiring after the fact.

Our team can assist you in ensure you have the cabling you need, as well as ensuring your installation is future proofed, allowing you to make the most of your investment.

Nerd2U installs the industries highest quality cabling and offers a 5 year written warranty on all cabling installations.

Retrofits & Additions


Do you need to retrofit or add additional low voltage drops such as telephone, network or coax cable outlets to an existing space? At Nerd2U we specialize in providing low voltage cabling retrofits and additions.

We can assist you in determining the best location and routes for new drops while also ensuring all required cabling types are installed.

We offer both commercial and residential low voltage retrofits and additions at affordable rates.

Our team can provide numerous options for adding low voltage cabling to existing structures including floor, wall, and ceiling cable fishing, as well as on wall cabling installation through the use of conduit and wire molding.