Data Backup & Recovery


Whether it is the Q3 sales numbers or your family photos from your trip to Florida last summer your data is important to you, and most times is irreplaceable. Unfortunately, storage media such as hard drives, memory cards, and USB drives fail. When this happens we can assist you in recovering your data and help you to build a backup solution to keep your data safe in the future.

Data Backup

Data Backup

Ensuring you have a second copy of your data is the best way to ensure your data remains safe. It is best practice to keep this backup copy of your data in a geographically disperse location from the original copy.

With Nerd2U and our cost-effective cloud-backup plans, for as little as $50 a year, you can safely, securely, and automatically ensure your data is backed up to the cloud.

Automatic cloud-based backups remove the need to remember to manually backup your data. With on the fly file change detection once a file is changed it is automatically backed up to the cloud for safe keeping.

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Data Recovery


Hard drives, USB keys, and memory cards are all prone to failure. If you have experienced data loss due to media failure or if you have simply deleted important files by mistake, the team at Nerd2U can assist you in recovering your data.

At Nerd2U we offer upfront data recovery pricing and have the ability to recover data from a wide range of media, including damaged hard drives.

With data recovery rates starting at only $149.99 make us your first stop on your path to data recovery.

If you have experienced a drive crash, corrupted media, or have accidentally deleted important files you should stop right away and give us a call at 226-916-5325 to discuss data recovery options.