Malware & Virus Removal


Don't continue computing with pesky viruses, malware, trojans, and other infections. Nerd2U can rid your PC of infections and get you back to computing bliss quickly and easily. We are able to safely remove a wide range of infections without risk to your data. For serious infections, we can assist customers with backing up their data and restoring their PC allowing us to ensure the removal of all infections from your system.

In-Shop Virus Removal


$39.99 - Our In-Shop Virus Removal service is the best way to ensure your machine is completely rid of viruses, malware, and other infections. Due to the long nature of scanning for viruses our in-shop service provides a flat-fee price for virus removal.

When you drop off your laptop our staff will collect some basic information from you including a synopsis of the issues you have been experiencing. From there we will begin running our specialized software to scan your PC for infections.

Unlike many shops, we run numerous scans against your machine with a variety of tools to ensure we have removed all infections. Once our automated scans have finished we then power on your PC and begin testing its functionality to ensure we have removed all infections from your system.

Finally, we perform a quick inspection of the security of your system settings, including your firewall and any current antivirus or antimalware software to ensure you are properly protected. If we find your system has no current virus protect we install a 30-day FREE trial of Emsisoft Anti-Malware to provide you with antivirus and antimalware protection.

Remote Virus Removal


$55/Hour - Just like our In-Shop Virus Removal service, our Remote Virus Removal service involves the exact same steps that we perform in our shop, however, we use our remote support software to carry out our scans remotely.

While scans can take several hours to complete we suggest customers bring their computers in for virus scanning, however, we do realize this is not always possible.

Remote Virus Removal is preferred for removal of small infections which can be dealt with and removed relatively quickly and do not require deep offline scanning for infections.