Remote I.T Support


Tired of having to take your PC or Laptop out to a repair shop to get it fixed? What if a technician could remotely connect to your PC and diagnose and fix your issues without you having to leave the comfort of your home? With our Remote I.T Support services this is possible! Quickly and easily establish a secure remote connection with one of our Nerds and they will set to work fixing your issues. All you need is an active internet connection.

Remote I.T Support

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Need a quick hand resolving an issue with your PC or Laptop? Our remote support sessions allow you to quickly and easily get connected to one of our Nerds who will begin troubleshooting and resolving your issue.

No need to go to a repair shop or wait for a technician to arrive, our remote support services can begin almost instantly. All that is required is an active internet connection.

Once connected via our secure remote support client you will be able to describe your issue and our team will assist you in resolving your problems.

Getting started is as easy as scheduling a remote support session and downloading our remote support client. Once you have scheduled your support session one of our Nerds will contact you via a phone call to get started.

How Our Remote I.T Support Services Work


Schedule your Remote Support Session through our Online Calendar


Download our Remote Support Client


Install the Remote Support Software


Provide your Support Technician with your ID and Password


Enjoy your support session!