Business Grade VoIP Telephone Systems

On-Premise & Cloud-Hosted IP Phone Systems

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Analog Phone System Upgrades

Whether you are looking to replace your analog telephone lines completely in favor of a SIP trunk provider, or are simply looking to upgrade an aging telephone system such as a Meridian or Nortel System, our cost-effective IP Based Phone Systems can empower your business with cutting-edge calling features while functioning just like your old key system.

At Nerd2U our team can work with you to transfer all the features you loved about your old system to your new system, and help you to set up new features such as voicemail to email, find me / follow me and more.

We are able to assist with everything from installing new cabling to handling the porting of your current telephone number to a SIP Trunk provider.

Upgrading to an IP PBX Telephone System can yield monthly savings of up to 70% over traditional analog telephone systems.

Your staff and callers are sure to love a new IP PBX Phone System!


Cloud-Hosted IP Phone Systems

Do you want to harness the power of an IP PBX Phone System without the need to manage and maintain on-site hardware? Enter the Cloud IP PBX Phone System!

For a fixed monthly cost per extension harness the power of an IP Phone System, by simply renting the handsets, your PBX is managed completely in the cloud, removing the need for any on-site hardware.

A Cloud-Based Phone System is great for any company who sees a fluctuation in its staffing throughout the year, such as seasonal businesses. With a Cloud-Based Phone System, you can add and remove accounts and extensions as needed to fit your business needs.

With plans starting as low as $24/User/Month your Cloud-Based IP Phone System is only a call away!


On-Premise IP Phone Systems

Move your phone system into the 21st century with a state of the art On-Premise IP Phone System from Nerd2U. Our phone systems are chalked full of powerful calling features your staff want and need. 

Get powerful calling features such as multi-level IVR menus, call recording, voicemail to email, call groups, call forwarding, find me / follow me, and more. Your staff will never miss a call again.

Our phone systems offer the power and flexibility to utilize existing analog telephone lines, powerful SIP Trunks or both. You are in complete control mix and match to build a calling infrastructure that fits your business needs.

With no monthly per-user cost, your phone system is ready to grow with your business not limit your business. Utilize the cutting-edge web interface to quickly add and remove users as needed. No more antiquated feature codes!