Wi-Fi Installation


Whether you are looking to improve your Wi-Fi quality at home, or in your office, Nerd2U can custom design a Wi-Fi solution to meet your needs, providing coverage where you need and want it. Through an installation of Wi-Fi Access Points we are able to provide indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi coverage for even the biggest spaces!

Access Points VS Wi-Fi Extenders

One of the biggest questions we get from customers looking to improve their Wi-Fi is why not just use a Wi-Fi extender? Often times this has been the solution presented to them by the big box store. Sometimes they have even tried to deploy a Wi-Fi extender with little to no success. Let's explore the difference between Wireless Access Points and Wi-Fi Extenders, and examine when are where each option should be used.

Wireless Access Points (WAPs)


Wireless Access Points rely on having a hard wired network connection to your network, allowing your Wi-Fi signal to be carried over your Ethernet network, then distributed at the full signal by the access point.

This allows access points to be distributed throughout a home or business without suffering signal loss, as they do not rely on a wireless connection to any other device. This eliminates issues such as signal loss from building materials.

Access Points are able to scale with your needs, whether you wish to start with 1, 10 or 100 you can add as your needs grow. This allows you to quickly and easily scale out your network. With both indoor and outdoor models, no location is off limits.

With a single wireless network name, you no longer have to switch between wireless networks as you roam around, seamlessly roam your location while you device automatically switches between access points based on signal strength with no interruption to your connection.

Wi-Fi Extenders


It is best to think of a Wi-Fi Extender as a repeater, unlike a Wireless Access Point a Wi-Fi extender simply attempts to repeat a wireless signal allowing it to be sent further by the extender.

If you already have a weak Wi-Fi signal a repeater simply attempts to repeat that weak signal out again and does not actually improve the signal quality.  A week signal sent through a Wi-Fi extender is still a weak signal, it is now just a weak signal that can be sent further thanks to the Wi-Fi Extender.

Wi-Fi Extenders are often easier to deploy and setup requiring little more than a hard wired power outlet. These plug and play devices make it easy for end users to set them up without requiring the assistance of a technician.

Unlike Wireless Access Points, Wi-Fi extenders do not scale well and out of the box each extender often wants to create its own wireless network, forcing the end user to manually switch between networks as they roam around. This requires the end user to notice they are experiencing signal issues and manually switch to the extender's network.

Unifi Wi-Fi Systems


Grow your home or business network with the power of Ubiquiti's Unifi Wi-Fi Software Defined Network. Coupling their powerful line of access points with enterprise-ready network management software you can power any home or business network easily.

Gain powerful features such as multiple networks, guest and staff networks, firewall isolation, guest portal, network insights and more.